The Influence of Pop Music

Negative Influences

There seems to be an air of concern surrounding modern pop music, with lyrics glorifying sex, drugs, and alcohol, especially amongst teens. Parents seem to strugglemicrophone-933057_1280 to control the music their offspring listen to due to how easily accessible music is; Spotify – in its base plan – has an endless library of music that’s essentially free, bar the occasional ads. All you need to gain access is an email address or a Facebook account, and let’s face facts, most 12-year-olds seem to have both. While control can be maintained at home, outside of the safety net the music world is instantly accessible and parents are at the mercy of social influences and the, almost hopeful, trust they’ve created in their children.

Is It All Bad?

Let’s not portray pop music as the worst thing that’s ever existed. One thing it definitely helps create is a sense of identity. Life is full of trials and tribulations, so having music to focus on can help groove and align personal character development. How often have you turned to a particular song or tune to control your thoughts or aid with an endorphin release? More likely than you can remember, no doubt. How about relating to lyrics in a specific song at a stage in your life? Sounds familiar?

Differing styles of pop music can harness different feelings and emotions. After a stressful day, one might lay back on the couch with a mellow vibe piece of music or something with more of a beat and bounce. Generating energy and using music to exercise is a huge plus – the majority of professional sportsmen and women will put themselves ‘in the zone’ through a playlist, whether it’s hip-hop or classic chart pop. There is no doubt that pop music can bring positives and negatives to any situation, whether you’re an artist or a listener.

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