Music in Online Casino Games

When you log-in to your favorite casino online, you may or may not have noticed the presence of music. Next time you do, listen out for it! There’s something to be said for that particular clash of music across different slots when you’re physically in a casino, but having the music and sound on when you’re playing online is much different.

Different Styles2331069554_29d03b73fa_b

Most of the music tends to be themed towards the slot – for example, a slot such as Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven has a gentle introductory style of music when the game loads, and then nothing while you spin. However, when there’s a chance of you triggering the bonus round, a crescendo-like style of music plays. The sound effects tend to be linked to the game genre too, with the sound of horses galloping ringing out when you’re spinning in the Frankie Dettori game. Another great example is the Guns N Roses Slot and you already know the theme of that slot.

Personal Preference

Of course, you have the option of turning all sounds off, if you like. The audio quality of music in online casino games isn’t the greatest. It’s designed to enhance your experience, not to act as a juke box blaring out the latest club hits. With that being said, it definitely adds to the atmosphere along with the realistic sound effects that can be heard during the gameplay. Some gamblers prefer to leave all sound effects on, fully engrossing themselves in the atmosphere. Others might find turning the music off but leaving the sound effects on brings them closer to the action.

Nothing quite beats the real sounds from a casino rather than an online one, so if you do find the music in online casino games a bit tedious, why not turn everything off and zone in on your personal music? You might actually find that it helps you focus better and hitting that bonus round might feel even more fruitful without the monotonous chime of antiquated casino music. It does seem to be the case that more modern slots are being released with more upbeat music, though.

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