About Us

On this website, you’ll find a wealth of information with regards to music. Whether you’re into different styles of music, interested in reading how music has evolved over time or simply a music buff, you’ll likely find something on here for you. Social media has allowed many artists to reach out to a wider audience, with many being ‘discovered’ on Youtube, Bandcamp or Soundcloud, rising to fame from there; a stark contrast from the days when bands and musicians had to mail a sample of their music to record producers, or labels, or pray that a scout would discover them playing in their local pub or bar.

The evolution of the music industry has been fascinating, which is why there’s specific content about such genres as indie, pop, punk and rock on this site. They’ve all influenced each other in some shape or form, so reading about individual styles and seeing how they’ve tied together is fascinating. You’ll find that certain artists have really segmented their presence on the music scene, retaining loyal fans for decades (Eric Clapton is a visible example). Some, on the other hand, have hit the highlights for not always the right reasons, not actively recording music for a long period, yet still managing to make their mark for years to come – one such band that jumps out is The Sex Pistols.

Whatever you’re searching for with regards to music, there’s something to take away for you from this website – there’s a whole host of content out there to research with conflicting views and opinions, so having it in one place here should be extremely helpful. Enjoy your stay!