The Influence of Pop Music

Negative Influences There seems to be an air of concern surrounding modern pop music, with lyrics glorifying sex, drugs, and alcohol, especially amongst teens. Parents seem to struggle to control the music their offspring listen to due to how easily accessible music is; Spotify – in its base plan

Tips on Starting Your Own Band

So you’ve decided to start your own band? That’s awesome! Congratulations! An exciting adventure is ahead of you and these tips might help you on your journey. 1. Have a Vision It all starts with why – what drives you and motivates you? Why do you want to start

Music in Online Casino Games

When you log-in to your favorite casino online, you may or may not have noticed the presence of music. Next time you do, listen out for it! There’s something to be said for that particular clash of music across different slots when you’re physically in a casino, but having

The Popularity of Indie Music

Indie music tends to be more of a sweeping umbrella term for alternative music and it has engulfed many bands which you wouldn’t class as strictly ‘Indie’. Nirvana, for example, who is thought to be one of the pioneers of the Indie scene, is very difficult to compare to

Rock Music Influence

Along with pop, rock music is regarded as the most popular genres, spanning a whole array of differing styles from folk-rock to the more hardcore scene. Essentially though, the original influence of rock music was rock and roll, spurning out from the US during the 1940s and 1950s. There is

Punk Rock in History

Punk rock was all about breaking rules, surging out from traditional forms of music making and serving as a vehicle for bands who wanted to express themselves, offering them a way to rebel. These musicians almost seemed to have a political agenda rather than anything relating to music and